With rising antisemitism, the call to come Home has never been stronger

by Leah Rosenberg

The rising antisemitism is alarming. All of humankind should be startled by the hatred. But as for the Jewish people, they should come back home.

Rising Antisemitism

We don’t always know exactly what G-d wants from us. But what we do know is that He wants us to follow His commandments. We know that G-d wants us to live in the land that He designated for the Jewish people. These are indisputable facts. It is sometimes hard to follow what G-d has commanded of us, even though we know we should. If it was an easy thing to accomplish, everyone would be doing it. But G-d tries to send us loud messages sometimes. He tries to guide us in the right direction when we forget the way. We can never know why exactly there is rising antisemitism throughout the world. But maybe G-d is telling the Jewish people to just come home. Maybe it is a call for the entire nation to just come back to Israel. Religious, secular, or somewhere in between, every Jew belongs in the homeland that G-d designated for them.

Praying to G-d During the Struggle

That is not to say that we should stop praying to G-d during these trying times. We should always turn to G-d in prayer and ask Him to help us, even if we think we know what to do.

The rabbis and the Bible make it clear though which direction we should be headed. Israel. That is direction. All the decisions that we make in life should be with Israel in mind.

And people are starting to realize that now more than ever.

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