Former deputy Shin Bet chief publicizes the two places terrorists belong

by Avi Abelow

The Shin Bet is Israel’s security agency. And when you listen to the former deputy chief of the Shin Bet saying something like this, it is powerful.

Shin Bet’s Goal

The Shin Bet is tasked with the responsibility of protecting Israel and the Jewish people. They have to do anything and everything to ensure the survival of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

And that means eradicating those who bring harm to the Jews. If Israel’s security is not one step ahead of the terrorists, they are by default one step behind. And Israel just cannot afford that. The Shin Bet has to constantly be aware of everything.

The Jews Must Fight Back

As Jewish people, we cannot afford to just stand by and allow terrorists to fire rockets, plan attacks, and commit crimes against us. They must be stopped. They must be punished. And as the former deputy chief said, it is either the grave or prison. There is no other option. The terrorists cannot just be allowed to roam freely and continue harming the Jewish nation.

If the world has a problem with that, they can keep their opinions to themselves. Until they are in Israel’s position, they are in no place to comment and decide how Israel should respond to the constant death threats.

The Jewish people have a unique history. The world has never been in Israel’s place, and they never will be. So the next time they want to criticize Israel for taking a stand against terrorism, they should think again.

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