Canadian government’s disturbing response as Muslims chant “Jews are our dogs”

by Phil Schneider

How will Jew-hatred grow in our time? There is no question that it will continue to grow. The only question is how. Jew-hatred has never disappeared. It is as deep as the history of world Jewry. It has been with us from the time of the first Jew – Abraham. One person properly pointed out that the proper terminology should be Jew-hatred and not anti-semitism. That is a more correct term. In the decades following the Holocaust, Jew-hatred waned gradually. But now it is back – and with a vengeance.

The way that Jew-hatred has reared it’s head recently is via anti-Israel activity. But that is not the only way now at all. With the chaos movement growing in the United States and the anti-social media sentiment growing too, seemingly opposing forces are finding one uniting factor – Jew-hatred.

People such as Joe Scarborough have no problem today singling out the Jewish names that run Facebook – specifically Marc ZUCKERBERG and Sheryl SANDBERG. This manner of speaking is pure Jew-hatred. Scarborough makes it clear that all the Jews care about is money. Social Media is indeed a behemoth that must be reigned in as Twitter, Google, and Facebook have enormous control over the mindsets of hundreds of millions of people. This anti-Trump manner of speaking is very similar to the Jew-hatred manner of speaking that the far-right neo-Nazis use when they focus on Jews controlling the banks and only caring about “billions.” Scarborough has not been labeled a Jew-hater for his tirade. On the contrary, he has continued to spew the hatred and MSNBC is happy to let him continue as his ratings are rather high.

The anti-free speech attitudes of the Black Lives Matter movement does not bother the Scarboroughs of the world. They are bothered by the “billions” of Marc Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. Always remember that the anti-free-speech police of progressives and especially the violent progressives are the biggest danger to the United States. When they merge with the far-right in their anti-Jewish activity, it will be nasty for the Jewish people.

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