Will Leaked SCOTUS Decision Lead To American Civil War 2.0

by David Mark

The last remaining “neutral” institution in the American government, the Supreme Court, has now been politicized through a simple leak of its coming ruling on Roe vs. Wade.

Politico broke the story yesterday that the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade and in effect return the decision on whether to allow abortions or not back to the states. This is a landmark decision and one which appears to set to spark major unrest across the country.

The left is calling for an uprising and revolution in the USA, but the real issue is not the ruling itself, but rather the leak. Alle experts agree that never before has a leak of this magnitude happened. SCOTUS has always been unified in keeping a lid on such decisions until the moment the ruling must be made public.

This time appears to be different.

It is is no secret that the left was on its way to being blown out in the midterm elections. All the right had to do is point to Biden’s awful job performance and victory is practically guaranteed.

The leak is a blow to SCOTUS. It destroys the institution and renders the last cord holding the fabric of the citizens’ faith in the government.

So is an uprising coming? Will there be a revolution like the left is calling for?

It appears that this decision may be the spark that will lead to the final decoupling that has been happening between the Blue and Red States. This is the slow burning Civil War that is increasingly speeding up. Without faith in the federal government violence is coming.

Red States will ban abortion and Blue States will likely expand it. This will lead to an unbridgeable divide and potential violence.

A political Civil War in America has been brewing for sometime – it looks like there are those on the left that have decided tp use a SCOTUS ruling to push it to another level.

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