Unbelievable Video Montage of the State of Israel For Israel Independence Day!

by Phil Schneider

This unbelievable display should serve as a reminder that what has occurred in the Land of Israel in the last 100 years is nothing less than an on-going daily miracle that must be appreciated and celebrated.

There is no more beautiful Land than the Land of Israel. There is no Land that stayed as empty and simply waited for thousands of years till it’s people returned and brought back the Land to life. This could not have happened unless G-d was intimately involved as a partner throughout the entire process.

What this powerful video does is serve as a reminder that we should never take for granted the amazing accomplishments of the State of Israel. And yes, it must be guarded, and guarded well. Because, existential threats continue to exist that endanger the entire project called the State of Israel. Thank you to the State of Israel and thank you to the Israel Defense Forces!

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