Will America Survive The Coming War?

by David Mark

Since Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, three direct global threats against the USA have only grown far more dangerous.

While most people think that the USA still has the best military in the world, the far left who has hijacked the US government has continued to inject woke ideology into America’s armed forces. According to Lt. General Jerry Boykin, the worst thing that can be done in the army is to weaken “unit cohesion” by bringing in divisive ideological teachings. Boykin also argues against the military’s use of vaccines mandates that are seeing an increasing amount of young and talented soldiers leave the army.


With NATO showing a lack of unified response to a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration appears incapable of manning up and handling Putin’s push towards Kiev seriously. America’s offering to Ukraine of anti-tank weapons just doesn’t match up against the tactical nuclear missiles Putin has put in Belarus.


Then there is China. China is the world’s largest economy and quickly becoming equal to the US when it comes to military hardware. The fact the China essentially controls the US consumer economy, media, and much of the Democratic party puts the US very much behind in terms of countering any Chinese aggression or expansion. Expect the Chinese Communist Party to go after Taiwan when Putin invades Ukraine.


Lastly there is Iran. Iran appears about to cross the nuclear threshold and with that have the ability to use its ICBM technology to launch nukes at most of the West. The Biden administration appears ready to let them have that capability and essentially has left Israel and the UAE to fend for themselves against the Islamic Republic.

So is the USA ready? With a weak leadership, dispirited armed forces, and a formidable set of adversaries, it doesn’t appear so. In fact, America may not even make it through the next war.

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