Russia Moves Medical Support To Frontlines – Stands Ready To Invade Ukraine

by Micha Gefen

Reports are coming out that Russia has moved blood stocks and medical units to the border with Ukraine.

Experts have noted that Putin’s threats of invasion should only be taken seriously if he moves medical units to the border. With this occurring, most are saying that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent.

In response, the US has increased lethal military aid to Ukraine as well as committing 5,800 US troops to the embattled country. Ukraine has always been seen by both Russia and the West as a buffer country. Russia would like it to remain within its sphere of influence as Russia’s main pipelines to Western Europe run through it.

Since 2014, when pro-Russian President Victor Yanukovych was ousted, Russia has viewed the West’s role in Ukraine suspiciously. Many feel the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia is directly connected to the West’s push towards trying to take over Ukraine through color revolutions (as seen in 2004) and the Maiden Revolution in 2014.

With Russia moving fighter jets and tactical nukes to Belarus and increased readiness with its troops on the border with Ukraine, invasion and a major war appears to be a foregone conclusion.

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