The Ultimate Victory Over Hitler and the Nazis

by Leah Rosenberg

This Holocaust survivor’s story is miraculous, as are all of them. He proved what Never Again really means.

Holocaust Survivor’s Story

No one can imagine what it took for one to survive the Holocaust. And no one can imagine what it then took for Holocaust survivor’s to rebuild their lives after witnessing so much pain, destruction, and death; so much barbarism and immorality. The courage and strength to carry on when all was lost – they displayed so much heroism. It is always inspiring to hear a Holocaust survivor’s story.

Tzvika’s story from his childhood is heartbreaking. It is horrifying that this is how he lived life as a baby and a young child.

But what is so remarkable is that he and his mother moved to Israel – to their ancient homeland. “This was our triumph,” said Tzvika. Living in the Jewish homeland proved that the Nazis lost. It proved that no enemy of the Jewish people will ever succeed in defeating the people of Israel. Because G-d protects the Jewish people! They are His eternal people. They will never be destroyed. And the fact that Tvika’s grandson serves in the army protecting the JEWISH homeland is another victory over Hitler.

Is history not proof enough? What other people have been oppressed, persecuted, and slaughtered for thousands of years and yet still exist? Still returned to the land of their forefathers?

It is miraculous. And you cannot understand it without understanding that G-d is watching over His people, the Jewish people.

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