Muslims Desecrate Temple Mount As They Throw Snowballs at Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

The Temple Mount is the holiest Jewish site in the world. The Muslims claim it is holy to Islam as well, but they definitely don’t treat it that way! What would happen to a Jew who would play a soccer match in a site that is holy to Muslims?

Desecrating the Temple Mount…Again

This is disturbing. Who does this? AND on a supposed holy site? To the Jews, the Temple Mount is the holiest site, and they treat it as such. Both Jewish Temples stood there, and the final Temple will G-d willing stand there again soon.

The Muslims, on the other hand, claim that the Temple Mount is holy to them. But they throw snowballs at Jews, play soccer, throw firebombs, and more, in an area they claim is holy. They even turn their backs to it when they pray! If it was truly a holy site to Islam, would they act this way? It is all part of their narrative to try to steal the land of Israel from the Jewish people and gain the world’s sympathy while doing so! This is just more proof that they are lying.

The Muslims are not even hiding the way they defile the Temple Mount. They publicly mistreat it. And it is time the world opened its eyes to see that! Stop believing the lies.

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