Arab Terrorists Attack Jews with Snow-Covered Rocks as they Walk to Western Wall

by Phil Schneider

Some Jerusalem Arabs spent the recent, and rare, snowstorm attacking Jews. The cold did not deter them. Rather they used the snow to actually cover up the rocks some of them were throwing.

As reported by various Israeli media sources, some Jerusalem Muslim Arabs threw snow-covered stones, and other objects, at a police car in the a-Tour neighborhood of Jerusalem which injured one of the policewomen at the scene.

They also threw all those objects at Jews exiting and entering the Old City of Jerusalem and at Jewish residents of the Maaleh Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mount of Olives. In addition, they also threw stones/snowballs at the Jerusalem light rail. 

Despite the dawn of the Abraham Accords, and the good feelings that are spreading in the more moderate Arab countries towards the State of Israel, things are not so rosy. The average Joe Arab on the streets of Israel is not just looking for a peaceful future with his Jewish neighbors. He sees the Jewish people as his age-old religious enemy that he dreams of kicking out of the Land that he thinks is his.

The dispute in the Land of Israel is absolutely not about Land. Before the Six-Day War, when there were no debates about the areas of Judea and Samaria between Jews and Arabs, the Arab people dreamed and attempted to kick the Jewish people out of the Land of Israel – three times. So what is the dispute about? Good old hatred of everything Jewish. It’s the oldest form of hatred that exists and it is no weaker today than it was a hundred years ago.

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