Will a coming Indian-Pakistani War Lead to WW3?

by Micha Gefen

As the Indian-Pakistani border at Kashmir heats up to levels not seen since 1971, many observers are wondering whether this is a prelude to a much wider conflict – possibly WW3. In just the past day, India retaliated against Pakistan for a cross border terror attack by firing air to surface missiles while Pakistan now claims to have shot down an Indian fighter jet. An expanded Indian-Pakistani war is a real possibility.


To understand the gravity of the situation, one must understand the intersecting alliances that are connected to these two countries. Both China and Iran fully support Pakistan. While Iran may not be adversarial to India, China certainly is. With Prime Minister Modi’s alliance with the United States, that makes any conflagration an almost instant global situation.

Iran’s hate for Israel also plays a factor in a widening Indian-Pakistani war as Israel has pledged support for its ally India.

An expanding conflict between the Shiites of Pakistan and the Hindus of India may be the catalyst that sparks an Iranian attack on Israel.

One must remember that both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons and given their extreme animosity towards on another, it is not without the realm of possibility to see these being used. If it gets to that then, China will attack from the North. Given the Great Game of the 21st Century and the neo-alliance system that has been created, the chances of an Indian-Pakistani conflict spiraling out of control to one that involves direct confrontation between China and the USA as well as Iran and Israel is not far fetched and is in the complete realm of possibility.

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