ISIS bride’s shocking plea to return to England

by Leah Rosenberg

It is disturbing, to say the least. How can anyone who has any amount of sanity want to show compassion toward an ISIS bride? This video says it all.

The ISIS Bride

Shamima Begum joined ISIS a few years back. And now she is pleading to be allowed to come back to the UK. The media is framing it that she just made a little “mistake” by joining one of the world’s most vicious terrorist groups. Just by hearing who she is, it should already make you wonder how a country can accept her back. But aside from that, she does not even think she did anything so wrong. And she believes that when ISIS decapitates people’s heads, it is justified because those people are going against Islam. Is that not sickening enough? But as the video goes on and you get the full picture of who she is, it really makes is shocking why anyone with a moral conscience would plead her case for her. Just absurd!

The World Must Defend Itself

The Western world must defend itself from terrorists, terrorism, and radical ideology. But the minute the free world starts wanting to accept people like Shamima, they put the entire free world at risk. If people truly want to do what is right, the answer is not to bring Shamima back into the UK. People need to stop being afraid to offend others, and they need to start protecting Western values. Because if we do not protect our own values, then who will?

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