Interview with Author of New MUST READ Fiction Book about USA & ISIS Bride

by Avi Abelow

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview author A.C Schneider about his new book, Queen of Jihad. While Schneider wrote the book as fiction, it does a great job of bringing the reality of today’s Western world, the very realistic story of an unwilling ISIS bride, and the many challenges Israel, and Israelis, currently deal with.

Unwilling ISIS Bride

What’s the connection between a powerful anti-Israel Democratic Senator, an undercover Israeli operative and an unwilling ISIS bride? You must read this book the find out!


Schneider is already a published author. Queen of Jihad is his second publication with a third already in the works. Schneider understood that most of culture today, books, movies etc. is written and produced with a certain value system. Yet, conservative values are not as much represented in today’s culture, especially when it comes to understanding Israel and the challenges that Israel and Israelis face. Since he is a natural storyteller, he therefore decided to invest his time in helping to fill that void as an author.

The Reality of Israel in a Compelling Way

Queen of Jihad is a fabulous read and it really does give across so much of the reality of life for Israelis in a very powerful way.

From the book page on Amazon…

He’s coming to save her, but she might try to kill him.

When the teenage daughter of a U.S. Congresswoman falls under the influence of an online recruiter from a radical new terror organization, the Senator’s only hope lies with Israeli Special Forces operator, Boaz Stone.
The point man in an elite, experimental unit called the 670, it’s Stone’s job to get himself captured, locate other abducted Israelis and rescue them from the inside. But when tasked with infiltrating the heart of war torn Syria to save a girl who’s gone over to the enemy, he’ll be more alone than ever before, and for the first time since joining 670, odds are he won’t be making it back alive.

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