Widow of terror victim at Paris Conference: “My husband was murdered on his way home…remember me”

by Phil Schneider

Diplomats and international decision makers are often disconnected from the reality that they are involved in discussing. Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council understands this well and therefore brought the young wife of a terror attack victim to explain to the members of the Paris Conference the reality that life in the shadow of terror brings. Seeing is believing.

Many Westerners think that they understand the reality of the State of Israel from following news reports. But, in truth, the people who understand what is truly going on in Israel are the Israelis themselves.

A perfect example of this is the predictable attitude of so many outside of Israel to hope that Israel and the Arab leadership will sit down and iron out their differences in a peace process. This sounds so logical – to the mind of a Westerner. But, to 95% of the Arab population, this is a mere joke. They think and act in a completely different way than most Westerners. That is one of the reasons why very few Arab immigrants actually assimilate into the cultures in Europe or the United States that they move to. It is not just about the insular aspect of their religious practice. They are wired differently. They believe the same thing about Westerners. They are right. Can the gaps be bridged? Maybe at some point down the line. But in this generation, the gaps are enormous.

We need to stay strong and grit our teeth till the time comes when the swords will become plowshares.

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