Antisemite George Galloway claims Israel has nothing to do with Judaism

by Leah Rosenberg

George Galloway tried to defend his antisemitic tweets with…antisemitism. Well, Mr. Galloway, you just proved yourself to be a horrific antisemite again.

George Galloway

It is not surprising that George Galloway tweeted antisemitic comments and then tried to “defend” himself, but it is still completely wrong. He was fired by talkRadio for his blatant antisemitism in some recent tweets he made. And now in this video, you can hear him saying, “What’s Israel got to do with Judaism?” He also said, “I’m against Israel.”

The thing is, you cannot separate the state of Israel and Judaism. And saying there is no connection is called antisemitism. Galloway is exhibiting some of the worst antisemitism and pretending like it is nothing. He speaks as if what he is saying is “not a big deal.” But it IS a big deal. And he cannot get away with saying such absurd and appalling things about Israel and the Jewish people.

The JEWISH State

Israel is a Jewish state. In fact, it is the ONLY Jewish state. There are many Christian and Muslim countries, but there is only one Jewish country. Yet, so many people have a problem with that. Having a problem with Israel existing as the Jewish homeland is denying God’s word. God gave Israel to the Jewish people. So yes, according to the Bible, Israel belongs to the Jewish people. And according to history. And archaeology. That is just the truth. All the proof points to the Jewish connection to Israel.

So to George Galloway: What’s Israel got to do with Judaism? Well, just about everything.

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