Egyptian doctor shamed the entire Arab world with this speech

by Leah Rosenberg

This Egyptian doctor did not hold back at all here! Dr. Tawfik Hamid explains why Palestinian Arabs suffer. And he surprised everyone!

Egyptian Doctor Blames Hamas

Well world, here you have it. Coming from an Egyptian doctor – an Arab himself. The Palestinian Arabs do not suffer because of Israel. They suffer because of Hamas! They have hardship because of their OWN leadership. Israeli Arabs are not suffering. Only the Palestinian Arabs are, says Dr. Hamid. What a statement from a man who used to be a member of a terror organization! He can recognize the truth, yet so much of the world cannot. Isn’t that crazy?

Dr. Hamid presents a theoretical scenario of Hamas being willing to recognize Israel and offer a hand in peace and brotherhood. He compares the Hamas leadership with president Anwar Sadat of Egypt who made peace with Israel and was given the entire Sinai Peninsula. But right now, Hamas and the Palestinian Arab leadership have not offered any hand in peace. They just have offered terrorism. Attack after attack.

How Can Their Suffering End?

This Egyptian doctor has it right. When will the Palestinian Arab suffering end? As Dr. Hamid says, “The moment the Palestinian leadership stops its arrogance and its barbaric attitude toward the Jews, then things will change, and you will see no Palestinian will be suffering there. So I think the solution is in the hands of the Palestinians now.”

You see, it has nothing to do with Israel making ANY Palestinian Arab suffer. It has to do with their own leadership. Nothing can change until the mindset of the leadership changes. He ends his speech with something powerful: “The Jews do not hate the Arabs. It’s us. We are causing the problem. And we have to change.” Well said, Dr. Hamid. Well said.

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