Despicable Leftist Violence Against British Senior Citizens for Defending Trump’s Visit to Britain

by Avi Abelow

President Trump just visited Britain and the leftist activists were out on the streets in force protesting against his visit. The despicable thing is how they acted towards the people who defended Trump’s visit to Britain, including violent actions against several senior citizens.

The left is spiraling into disgusting behavior that is bringing Western society down to a despicable state. Disagreement is a part of life and a central part of a functioning society, but the hatred and venom of many on the left has crossed all boundaries and leading people to act in ways that can tear apart societies. It is scary to think how over time it can spiral out of control if not stopped. The growing anarchist behavior of the left must be stopped immediately by responsible people on the left, yet they are silent! This is very bad news for the Western society that we have been blessed to live in.

What ever happened to the ability to protest civilly? How about basic decency towards senior citizens? When it comes to the left today, there is no more civility, not even towards senior citizens. The ideology of the left allows for violent behavior against anyone they disagree with. There are many on the left who are a disgrace to humanity and bringing civilization down, creating chaos. While they preach about “a safer world” and “safe places”, it is the left that is the main force behind the growing violence in the world today. A truly Orwellian situation, that the leftist activists prefer to ignore. Because to the left, feelings trump facts and reality. Such a sad commentary about the 21st century.

Where are the sane people on the left who believe in some of the ideology of the left, yet fear the implication of the growing violence on the left? Their voices are solely needed. Just as people on the right call out the violence of activists on the right, the left needs to stand up and start calling out the violence on the left. This is a growing problem that will bring chaos upon us all. As people on the right feel that the authorities allow the leftists to get away with their growing violence, then people on the right will start to be more violent as well. This is a ticking time bomb that will bring us all down. How come the authorities, the politicians and the media don’t see it this way?

Nazi Scum?

And more disgusting behavior by the leftist activists against another senior citizen. This time, they are screaming at him “nazi scum” and someone throws a milkshake at him. They have every right to disagree, but to freely call people Nazis, just because they disagree, is a way to dehumanize their opponents and legitimize violence against them. This is so sad to see.

Progressives are not Progressive at all they are Regressive

How else can one justify the disgusting behavior of leftists in the Western world? Whether in Britian, the United States or other countries, the violence level of leftist activists is escalating. Disagreeing on ideological boundaries is now a green light to be violent. Day by day more and more leftists activists are throwing milkshakes at people they disagree with. What starts with milkshakes will obviously escalate. Once leftists, and the media, convince themselves that throwing milkshakes at people they disagree with is totally fine, it is only logical that the violence level will escalate as well.

The left is turning into an utter disgrace to humanity, and they are contributing to the downward spiral of Western society, that once was based on civility and mutual respect, overcoming differences.

Dr. Risch

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