Why you must protest the unprecedented anti-Israel UN bias

by Leah Rosenberg

There has always been an anti-Israel UN bias. But it has only gotten worse. Will we stand by and watch this time, or will we fight back against prejudice?

Anti-Israel UN Bias

The United Nations was supposed to be a place to uphold freedom and democracy. It was supposed to ensure that human rights around the world are protected. But instead, there is an anti-Israel UN bias. Israel is a tiny, tiny country, yet it is the place the UN focuses on to address all that is wrong in the world. Israel is actually the only thing that is RIGHT in the Middle East. But the UN does not care. They ignore the women who are oppressed in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and more. The UN turns a blind eye to the Assad regime using chemical weapons on civilians. Men, women and children are suffering worldwide, but the United Nations focuses on the one democratic state in the Middle East and discriminates against it. Do you see the problem? And now, in an unprecedented attack, they are again focusing solely on Israel.

Israel is not perfect. And any Israel supporter will openly admit that. But they are far from evil. People of all religions feel comfortable in Israel. Can you say the same about the rest of the Middle East?

Protest the UN

Hillel Neuer is fighting back against the UN. He is the executive director of UN Watch and will not stand by as the United Nations and the world demonizes the Jewish state. We all, in our own way, should fight back against the anti-Israel bias. On college campuses, on social media, at the UN – wherever and however it may be. For the world to be against Israel is synonymous with being against democracy, freedom, and equality. And that just seems foolish.

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