Israeli scholar’s honest opinion of Bibi’s meetings with Arab leaders in Warsaw

by Phil Schneider

Is this truly a historical event? Dr. Keidar is skeptical. A gathering under the eyes of the superpowers does not mean that the event is necessarily historic. Arab leaders have met with Israeli Prime Ministers for many decades. However, there have been just a few actual historic meetings between the Israeli leaders and leaders of Arab countries.

Historic Changes in Iran

The only thing that is going on today that is truly historic in the Middle East – according to Dr. Keidar is the sanctions that the United States of America has imposed on Iran. He claims that basically President Trump can decide when they will bring the Iranian government to it’s knees. So, no matter what the Iranians say, they know that they do not have enough economic power to withstand massive sanctions from the US.

This cannot be overstated. Until President Trump took over, the Iranians were able to continue building up their threat against the United States and the Western world. Obama was weak when negotiating with the Iranians. However, what President Trump did when he moved the embassy was not as big a deal as what he accomplished when he imposed sanctions on Iran and basically back-tracked on the horrible Iran agreement.

Now that is historic. All the rest is posturing. We look forward to many more years of strong US-Israel alliance that will continue to weaken the enemies of the West and strengthen the will of the free world to confront terror in every way possible.

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