Tommy Robinson reveals his true view on Muslims

by Phil Schneider

Tommy Robinson is a lightning rod for controversies that deal with the growing Muslim minority in England. Most people shy away from controversy in order to not be in the cross-hairs of the legal authorities and the press. Robinson steam-rolls right into the center of the action. It is good that there are people like him that are willing to take a proud stand for what they stand for. Of course, they are branded racists for dealing head-on with the subject of racism.

Racism in the 21st Century

It is very tempting to think that racism is no longer a central issue in the world. After all, so much has been accomplished in the 20th century on this matter so as to make the issue less relevant today. However, this is a mistake. Racism is alive and well today – all over the Western world. In the East, it is even more rampant – but that is another matter.

The problem is that the people who focus and talk about racism today in the Western world are the progressives who are literally living in the past. They focus on the minor remnants of old racism that still exist – though in smaller doses than the past. The “new-old” racism that needs to be focused on is the racism of the Muslim world. This was never a major issue in the United States nor England till recently. Today it is a force to be reckoned with.

Tommy needs to be listened to. There are real concerns that he voices. No-go zones are bad news for any country that allows it. As long as Tommy’s is a lone voice yelling and screaming about this, we should pay heed.

Arab Incitement
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