Why the World Should Care about a 3,000 Year Old Jewish Holiday

by Leah Rosenberg

Many people have heard of the Jewish holiday of Passover. But do they know why it should be significant to them as well and not just to Jews?

The Jewish Holiday of Passover

The Jewish holiday known as Pesach in Hebrew or Passover in English is a Biblical holiday that the Jewish nation has been celebrating for over 3,000 years. Jews have traditions and laws that pertain to this special holiday which they have held onto for centuries upon centuries – and it’s truly incredible. The Jewish people are a people who remember. They remember their history. They teach about it and learn about it time and time again. They study their laws over and over. They believe in the same G-d that their forefathers followed thousands of years ago. How magnificent is that?

But there is also a reason the rest of the world should care about Passover. And Dennis Prager enlightens us with that in this video.

So much of the world does not even realize where a lot of their values came from. They don’t know why certain things are the way they are. They don’t realize what G-d put into the world and how the Jews and Judaism have influenced the world at large.

People need to learn history and learn the truth. The Exodus was a major event that positively affected the world thousands of years later and inspired many.

As Dennis Prager points out, can you imagine if there never was a Passover? The world would be vastly different.

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