Ted Cruz Calls Out Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee for What She’s Hiding

by Phil Schneider

Judge Jackson will almost definitely be approved as a Supreme Court justice. The approval process for Supreme Court justices is both political theater and a necessary step in the balancing of power between the Executive Branch and Legislative Branches. Judge Jackson is clearly prepared for the challenge, and she will probably be a worthy replacement for the seat. But, she must be praised for doing a solid job at hiding her opinions on some hot-button issues like critical race theory. If she indeed is a critical race theory supporter, then she is an ideologue with very problematic ideas.

Ted Cruz has established himself as the most adept Senator at unmasking the real ideological motives of nominees. He uses their own statements to put them in a difficult corner to escape from. But he is also working on his own ambitions of establishing himself as the right-wing ideologue who moves the Republican party more rightward. Amy Coney Barrett was also similarly grilled by Democrats. But she coasted through skillfully by deflecting the arrows thrown at her.

The real question is whether or not the Democrats (or Republicans) will cross the tripwire of trying to pack the Supreme Court with more than 9 justices. This is not an illegal act, but a super controversial move that would probably lead to an even greater level of partisanship within Congress. The main reason that it probably will not occur is that it will probably not receive enough support from both sides of the aisle in order to be approved.

What is truly historic is the number of women on the Supreme Court. It is not said often, but it is one of the greatest victories of the feminist movement that women serving on the Supreme Court is no longer an exception, but the norm. It doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. It must be noted that in 1984, when Walter Mondale nominated Geraldine Ferraro as his Vice Presidential running mate, it was a big surprise for many. When Joe Biden nominated Kamala Harris, that was also somewhat of a surprise choice. To this day, many question whether or not she is fit for the job, and gender is a factor. But, nobody questions the idea of a female nominee for the Supreme Court anymore. That is a good thing. Give credit where credit is due.

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