South Africa “Palestinian” Supporters Share Vile Words that Should Wake Up Everyone

by Leah Rosenberg

South Africa has actually experienced apartheid. And here these people are disrespecting that by talking about America and Israel this way.

Language Warning:

South Africa “Palestinian” Supporters Expose Their Hatred

This is not about “Palestinian” rights or anything of the sort. If these “Palestinian” supporters in South Africa cared about “Palestinians,” they would stand up for the ones being oppressed by their own leadership – by the Palestinian Authority. But Apartheid Week has nothing to do with that. It only has to do with hating on Israel – and America too, apparently. Listen to their vile language and hatred. They are Jew-haters and definitely not human rights activists.

And the fact is that South Africa once was an apartheid country. There were many victims of apartheid. And now these South Africans are going to disrespect those victims and mock what true apartheid is!

Their hatred knows no boundaries. And it’s truly sickening.

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