President Biden Warns of Cyber Attacks – What is Really Going on?

by Avi Abelow

Once upon a time I trusted our governments and elected officials enough to at least believe they have our best interests at heart. No longer.

President Joe Biden, together with other political leaders and pundits around the world, are now warning us about an upcoming cyber attack, but I no longer trust their intentions that they are warning us to “protect us”.

We have been warned for months about a potential cyber attack. President Biden warned us about one over a year ago back in December, 2020.

Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum warned us about one back in July , 2020.

Nations around the world held a cyber security conference back in December 2001, here in Israel, months before the Ukraine/Russia war and the threat of a Russian cyber attack.

How convenient, that in October 2019, months before the covid-19 virus hit the world in March 2020, the world held a “global pandemic exercise” to prepare for a global virus outbreak.

Like many others, my eyes have been opened up like never before to what we are not being told by our governments and establishment media.

The public health fiasco scare of the past two years has woken up me and many others to realize that all the global scares we are being scared about nowadays by our governments have nothing to do with protecting our lives and everything to do with dumbing down people to be willing and even embracing of governments taking away our G-d given liberties.

It’s all about taking away our liberties to “make the world a better place”, “to protect the environment”, for “the greater good”. Just listen closely to one scare after the other. Same terminology.

This is not me saying this, this is a United Nations plan that 179 countries voted upon back in 1992. The ONLY way our countries can implement the UN plan is by populations willingly giving up on our liberties, otherwise, the governments will not have the control necessary to implement the UN plan. It’s right here for all to see:…/agenda21

Or as it is called today the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan:

Most people don’t want to doubt the intentions of our governments, and even those who do, do not want to publicly voice their concerns because of the stigma of sounding like a “conspiracy theorist”. Well I have no problem doing so myself and connecting the dots to help people wake up. I’m only interested in the politically incorrect truth and in sharing that truth, not in continuing to share the lies and misinformation of our governments and media.

We are ultimately going through a very scary time period, with total government over reach and a life of global scares and fear – first the virus, then supply chain problems, now potential food shortages because of Russia/Ukraine and the latest scare of cyber attacks, by Russia of course (just as Trump was a Russia agent and Hunter Biden had no association with the laptop. Right?? )…

However, on the flip side, we are going through a tremendous spiritual process, collectively and individually. Those who are blessed to internalize what is really going on will merit seeing the good when this insanity ends. And it does not end by complying with our growing government over reach taking away our liberties….

Hold on to your faith. He is running the show to wake up humanity. Time to stop trusting the human leaders who want to replace the one above by controlling everything about our lives.

Crazy times ahead, with a lot of good at the end :)))

We are in the month the Jewish month of redemption, Nisan. Now truly internalize that!!!

Col. Kemp

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