Why Should Vaccinated People be Afraid of Unvaccinated People?

by Avi Abelow

Israel’s Ministry of Health has officially announced that anyone who has taken the vaccine does not need to go into quarantine if they come into contact with someone sick with the coronavirus/covid-19. That is great news for everyone who takes the vaccine. It means that, as hoped, the vaccine is working and that it is protecting vaccinated people from getting the virus even if they come into contact with someone sick with the virus. Great news!

Yet, at the same time, Israelis are being led to believe that it is dangerous for them to go near people who are healthy, yet not vaccinated.

Unvaccinated people are now deemed “dangerous”.

How exactly does that make any sense? If vaccinated people don’t have to be worried about people sick with the virus, then why do they have to be worried about healthy, unvaccinated people? The only people who should be worried are other unvaccinated people who chose not to vaccinate because of their concerns. But, vaccinated people have no medical reason to look upon unvaccinated people as dangerous. Yet, that is exactly the atmosphere that is spreading through Israel right now.

This is all part of the “green passport” plan being rolled out, which only allows people who are vaccinated to enter certain places or do certain things.

In the Israeli government’s cabinet meeting last week the Ministers specifically spoke about measures they can take to pressure non-vaccinated people to get vaccinated. They spoke about only allowing vaccinated people into bars and restaurants etc. Defense Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said that the best way to pressure young adults to vaccinate is to only allow flights abroad for people who vaccinated.

It seems pretty clear that the green passport plan is not based on “science” but just a way to pressure unvaccinated people to get vaccinated.

That is outright discrimination, which is both illegal and immoral.

I don’t think there is much for Israel, or Israelis, to learn from modern Europe, but at least in Europe the Council of Europe has come out with the decision that “the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated if they do not wish to do so themselves.” and that they will “ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated…”

Here in Israel voices are growing against this unethical direction, bringing up the World Health Organization that has even come out against the “green passport” concept (article in Hebrew).

Worse than the outright discrimination, this new “green passport” plan is now beginning to tear apart families, communities and friendships.

I know about families who are now arguing about forbidding non-vaccinated family members from joining the Purim holiday meals. Synagogues are forbidding members who are not vaccinated. Community Megilah readings are being organized forbidding people who are not vaccinated. Friends saying that they will no longer invite close friends to their homes.

Will all these vaccinated people continue to go shopping in crowded supermarkets where everyone, including non-vaccinated people, are allowed? If this “green passport” plan was really all about “science” then unvaccinated people would not be allowed in supermarkets either.

Will all these vaccinated people no longer travel abroad to countries/cities where not everyone is vaccinated? Will they no longer go to theaters, restaurants, synagogues abroad where not everyone is vaccinated?

Maybe some will refrain from all those things, but I doubt all will. Yet, they are willingly beginning to discriminate against their own family and friends here in Israel?

I’m absolutely horrified that thinking people are allowing this to happen to our society, and actively taking part in discriminating against their own family, friends and neighbors due to this. It is beyond a disgrace and has nothing to do with health or science, just a plan based on fear to apply social pressure.

This is totally unethical, yet so many people are going along with it.

There are those who decided to vaccinate because they think that is the right thing to do to protect themselves and others. Wonderful. There are other people, sometimes even close family and friends, who are not comfortable taking the current mRNA vaccine. They have lots of questions and concerns, with backing from medical professionals and medications to take if they get sick. I have personally been in touch with numerous medical professionals who have said that high-risk people should take the vaccine, but young/healthy people should not take it. Even the CEO of Pfizer said he won’t be cutting the line to get it because he is “59 years old and healthy, so no rush”. Yet, so many of the vaccinated are willingly going against science to outrightly discriminate against their own family and friends because they are now deemed “dangerous”.

Just knowing that our society, and discourse, is now being separated into vaccinated and non-vaccinated makes me sick.

This is a horrifying time period to be living through. Not due to the coronavirus/covid-19 but due to the societal reaction to the coronavirus/covid-19 situation.

For those interested in reading through the questions and concerns of many people regarding the “vaccine is the only solution” direction, you can read my previous post here:

May this be a safe and healthy week for all. Looking forward to more sane times.

For those interested in more information, there are lawyers already suing workplaces, gyms etc. for 100,000 NIS for discriminating based on vaccinated/non-vaccinated.

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