Biden Prepares To Speak With Iran As Israel Readies For War

by Gavriel Dan

It has been only a few days since President Biden called Prime Minister Netanyahu. Since that phone call he has begun to pave the way for a return to a negotiated nuclear deal with Iran.

Netanyahu has made it clear that folding on key elements of inspections or even sanctions relief at this stage would be unacceptable to Israel and its Arab partners. More than that, as Biden’s team looks to find ways to revive Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, the region continues to heat up.

Hezbollah continues to threaten Israel, and in turn Israeli leaders have warned Hezbollah no to try anything. Israel has also increased attacks against Iranian targets in Syria.

Biden’s attempt at rapprochement with Tehran is a gamble. With little hope of succeeding, a failed attempt could plunge the entire region into war.

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