The most common misconceptions about the Western Wall

by Phil Schneider

The Western Wall is probably the #1 tourist location for Jews that visit the Land of Israel. All day and well into the night, there are many people that pour their hearts out to the Lord at the Western Wall. Many even stick small pieces of paper with personal requests to G-d into the crevices of the Western Wall. But the Western Wall is not the Jewish Temple – it is the outer wall of one of the large supporting walls of the ancient Jewish Temple.

The Holiest site of the Jewish people is right inside the Western Wall, what is called today, the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount, that today is occupied by an Arab Mosque, is located right on top of where the two Jewish Temples stood. The two Temples stood for a total of more than 800 years. The area that is now called the Western Wall Plaza was just a shopping area outside of the Temple. But as the Western Wall is now the only remnant left of the Temple, it has grown into the symbol of yearning for the rebuilding of the Temple.

The Jewish people have never stopped yearning for the rebuilding of the Temple. There is probably no better example of religious fervor that has withstood the test of time than the yearning for the rebuilding of the Temple. The Holy of the Holies, inside the Temple Mount, is where the Ark of the Covenant was located. But watch the 8 minute mark of this interesting video to reach a new enlightening view of the Holy of the Holies. At the end of this unique video, a very original take on Temple history is shown. Enjoy!

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