What it sounds like to rejoice in the holiness of Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

The holiness of Jerusalem is something you cannot always describe. And that is why people turn to music. What a beautiful song.

Holiness of Jerusalem

There is just something about Jerusalem; something about the City of Gold. It can’t be put into words sometimes, because after all, it is G-d’s holy city. The holiness of Jerusalem can be expressed in song and poetry. The eternal capital of Israel is a place of spirituality and beauty. When words cannot due justice, music can do wonders.

King David declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel thousands of years ago. Much of the Book of Psalms is about Jerusalem and its glory. Many singers have used his words to praise this holy city and to bring spirituality into people’s lives through song and music. King David himself was a musician! He played the harp and was a master at it. And of course the Book of Psalms reveals his magical poetic touch.

This song is definitely uplifting. Combining such beautiful words with a beautiful tune and a prayer to G-d is perfect.

The Words

English Transliteration:
Na’ale L’Yerushalayim Livnot Et Beit Hashem
Na’ale L’Yerushalayim Im Kol Am Yisrael
Vesham Nashir Lecha Shir Chadash
Lachzot B’Noam Hashem ULevaker Beheichalo.

English Translation:
Let us ascend to Jerusalem, to build the House of Hashem
Let us ascend to Jerusalem, with all of the nation of Israel
And there we will sing to You a new song,
To see the pleasantness of Hashem and to visit in His sanctuary.

What a catchy song. You’ll definitely be singing this one for a while!

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