Human rights groups ignore the child abuse taking place right under their watch

by Leah Rosenberg

Shouldn’t human rights groups care when children are used in war? Shouldn’t they stand up for these children and help them have better lives?

Human Rights Groups and “Palestinians”

This is truly horrific. This video shows very, very few examples of what children in the “Palestinian” Arab world go through; how they are brainwashed. It is horrifying to watch children just 2 or 3 years old yelling to stab Jews. But do all the human rights groups in the world care about these children? No, not even a little. They claim to care about the rights of “Palestinians.” They criticize Israel on fall pretenses in order to “stand up” for “Palestinian” Arabs. But the fact that they do not care about these child soldiers just shows that these so-called “human rights” groups really don’t care about the “Palestinian” Arabs at all. They don’t care that Arabs would rather live under Israeli control than PA control because their lives would be better. They don’t care that children are being brainwashed to murder innocent Jewish people.

These young children are brainwashed in their schools, by their parents, by their leadership – even by the things they watch on TV. Children’s shows are infiltrated with hate messages. Songs are about killing Jews.

You don’t have to be a top activist to know that these things are wrong.

Motivation for Terror
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