IDF celebrates snowstorm while protecting Israel’s Northern border

by Leah Rosenberg

The IDF defending Israel’s Northern border enjoyed the amount of snow falling from the sky last week. Everyone deserves to have some fun!

Snow on Israel’s Northern Border

Last week, Israelis throughout Israel enjoyed the somewhat rare occurrence of snow. Although it does snow in Israel sometimes, it does not always stick to the ground. Additionally, the snow does not usually fall in parts of Israel that are warmer. But if it does snow in Israel, you can definitely expect it to be on Israel’s Northern border at Mount Hermon!

Israelis love the snow. If it is not snowing in their own city, many will drive to other cities to see the beautiful white snowflakes falling from the sky. It really is a site to see!

IDF Soldiers Enjoy the Snow

“Regular” Israelis are not the only ones who enjoy snow. Soldiers in the IDF are people too. They are not only soldiers who protect Israel’s borders, but they are people who want to enjoy G-d’s nature. They are people who want to have fun.

At the start of the video, you hear a soldier say “Mah rabu ma’asecha Hashem.” That means “How great are Your works/deeds, G-d.” It is a praise to G-d. Even snow falling is a reason to praise the One Above. And what is so beautiful is that the Jewish soldiers protecting the Jewish homeland, G-d’s land, are so connected to their roots!

IDF soldiers protect the Jewish people no matter what the whether is – rain, snow, or sunshine. It doesn’t matter. They are true heroes!

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