Tucker Carlson exposes all the media’s lies about January 6

by Leah Rosenberg

Tucker Carlson gives all the details and facts that the mainstream media leaves out. For those who care about the truth, this is a must-hear.

Tucker Carlson Shares the Truth

You may or may not agree with everything Tucker Carlson says on his show. But you can’t argue when he is sharing the facts. Truth is truth. And what is so frightening is that the mainstream media doesn’t share the truth. They won’t. They refuse to. The media continues to lie about the events that took place on January 6 on the Capitol Hill. The world thinks they know what happened because of the way the media portrayed it. But listening to Carlson here share some evidence that people don’t know about is eye-opening.

There are still so many questions because so much information is being withheld. And why is that information being withheld?

What is so horrifying is that the mainstream media was so quick to claim Trump supporters were violent and killed a Capitol Hill police officer with a fire extinguisher. The story spread like wildfire. But was that what happened? Not even close. The evidence and proof showed everything but the story the media spread.

It is stories like these that the mainstream media shares to try to turn America against Trump and Conservatives. But everything is based on a lie. And it is frightening that so many believe those lies.

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