Climate change is destroying American lives – but not how you think

by Phil Schneider

Rolling black outs do lead to chaos. But in Texas, the lights have gone out and led to massive suffering and even some deaths. Why? Because of the big push for green energy. But that is not something to rely on as much as it is something that we should use to augment the previously working energy sources.

Joe Biden believes that the climate crisis is such a major issue that it is an existential threat. Meaning, if we don’t deal with this issue now, then we will have no electricity. Well, if we move over to green energy ideas as what we will rely on, then our power grid will not be something we can rely on as we have in the past.

Do windmills create new jobs? Well, yes, they create some jobs – many hundreds of jobs. But they destroy tens of thousands of jobs – fracking and coal mining jobs. Tucker Carlson argues that High School educated people will be turned into wind-mill technicians under the Biden/Kerry plan. Wind farms are not exactly a serious jobs creation plan. Windmills are not reliable in extreme weather. We need some more reliable energy sources, and some green energy to improve our environment. But, we need to not throw out the baby with the bathwater, or else we will have our lights out in frigid temperatures.

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