Is Biden’s Policy of Appeasement Pushing The Middle East Towards A Nuclear Arms Race?

by Micha Gefen

With Trump no longer president and the globalists back in power in Washington, Saudi Arabia is running out of options to defend themselves against the once again resurgent Iranian regime.

The Saudis can either overtly join the growing Israel-Sunni Arab alliance or set out on their own and develop nuclear weapons to counteract the Iranians. While the first option is far more preferable, many observers fear that Biden’s policies are forcing the Saudis to build their own bomb or buy it.

The challenge with the second scenario is that once the Saudis go that route there is no end to other Middle Eastern countries trying to do the same and sooner or later one of them will use it.

For all of former President Trump’s policies, most recognized that his foreign policy when it came to the Middle East was actually working. Despite this, The Biden regime is looking to change course so fast, that most “allies” of the US are looking for another way forward.

So much for peace in our time.

Motivation for Terror
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