BBC claims skiing is a racist sport

by Leah Rosenberg

The BBC just got even more ridiculous – as did the world. Do they actually believe the absurd things that they broadcast to everyone?

BBC Says Skiing is Racist

Yes, you heard that right. You heard it right here in the video. These BBC reporters actually claimed that skiing is a racist sport. How is that even possible? Well, according to them, skiing resorts are mostly full of white people, so the sport is “racist”.


What has the world come to? Why are people claiming that anything and everything is racist? It is actually mocking real racism. Real racism and real discrimination does take place sometimes. And it should be addressed. But many things that the media today as racist has nothing to do with racism.

All of a sudden everything is considered wrong these days. Mother’s Day? Wrong. Believing in 2 genders? Wrong. Have an opinion? How dare you! Only if it is aligned with the radical Left. Believing in G-d and talking about it? Never.

Everything is considered wrong. Everything is considered offensive. And honestly, it is enough. The world is suffering at the hands of those who think like this.

This agenda of the left is not making the world a better place at all. It is dividing us more and more, while causing more friction and animosity between people.

When will this madness stop?


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