Why did President Trump Only Hire Bolton and Pompeo Now?

by Avi Abelow

There must be a method to the madness of President Trump in only hiring John Bolton and Mike Pompeo now. These are two people who clearly are aligned with Trump’s foreign policy thinking, yet he hired others upon becoming President. Here is an explanation that we agree with.

Not a Good Start

Trump’s initial appointments of Tillerson, Mattis and McMaster confused and bothered many. They did not oppose the Iran deal. They were all wrong on Israel as well. None of them understood, as Trump, that the Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria were NOT the obstacle to peace. Rather, Trump understands that it is the Palestinian Authority that is the main obstacle to peace.

In addition, many of the Obama appointments in their offices stayed on! Tillerson has now been replaced by Pompeo and McMaster has now been replaced by Bolton. Hopefully, now we will begin to see Trump’s vision of foreign policy also translate into the actions of the State Department and the NSA. Mattis still remains the Defense Minister. We will have to see how that plays out.

Method to his Madness

Dick Morris believes that much of the initial Trump appointees to the Cabinet were chosen to reassure people “that he was going to be ok”. Trump wanted to start his Presidency reassuring US allies and the global community. He wanted to choose people that would prove that he “wasn’t a maniac”.

Morris believes that “now that Trump is a year and a quarter into his Presidency, he has accomplished that mission.”

Trump is now moving to replace the original cabinet with people who deeply believe in his ideology. Morris believes that this is going to bring about a welcome change in his Presidency. “Now we can finally look forward to an administration that really says what Trump thinks and feels. It’s analogous to the second Obama administration. After four years of running for reelection, by hiding his extreme views and trying to be everything to everyone. Obama felt that his second administration gave him a mandate to go crazy with regulations, new policies and federal interference in the economy. Now that Trump has reassured everyone that he will not blow up the world or the stock market, he can now move aggressively forward because he has a cabinet of people who basically back his policy.

Morris actually points out that “in fact, they are a cabinet of people who originated the policies he has been espousing.”


For all those wondering like I have why he didn’t choose Bolton and Pompeo upon becoming elected, Dick Morris’ theory makes a lot of sense.

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo won’t be fooled by Iran or North Korea! This is a HUGE win for the freedom loving world.

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