Enjoy the Most Creative Passover Commercial EVER Made

by Phil Schneider

What is the most perfect car.  According to this Passover commercial, it is a Bentley.  Well, according to these brilliant ad-makers, the same logic used to make the perfect car ought to be used for making Matzah.


What is Matzah?  Matzah is the food that is eaten on the Passover holiday by Jews all over the world.  The unleavened bread symbolizes the swiftness with which God delivered the Jewish people from Egypt.  The wheat did not even manage to rise and become bread – it only made it to the form of unleavened bread -Matzah.

Today, tens of Matzah factories around the world create massiver amounts of Matzah for the seven day holiday.

However, hundreds if not thousands of make-shift matzah factories dot the planet.  Machines are not the center of these factories. The main ingredient used to make the Matzah is hard work and alot of stainless steel.  Groups of around ten men all around the world gather together around super-clean stainless steel tables.  They press, knead, and flatten out flour and water – that’s it – until it is a round perfect shape.  They riddle the thin dough with holes and gingerly place it into a furnace for a minute or two.

The entire process takes no more than 18 minutes.  Usually, it takes around 10-12 minutes.

The final result – Matzah – a bland-tasting cracker.  Add abit of salt and you’ve got a nice snack.

The most perfect car – the Bentley is done by man – not by machine. Hand-made is always better than machine-made.  This is not just referring to cars and any other number of things – but to matzos too!


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