Who Sabotaged Europe’s Gas Supply?

by David Mark

Russia has been supplying Europe through the Nord Stream 1 Gas pipeline for over 10 years. Russia finished building the Nord Stream 2, but had yet to turn it on when Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

This week both the Nord Streams were sabotaged freezing Europe’s gas supply. Accusations of responsibility flew back and forth with many pointing at Russia and some saying it was the USA itself who attacked the pipelines.

The current war in Ukraine is being partially fought through energy delivery or better put – a lack of energy delivery. Putin realized that Western Europe needs him way more than he needs them. The sabotaging of Nord Stream 1 an 2 has huge implications for Europe is already experiencing a severe energy crisis. Putin has threatened to disrupt energy due to Europe’s stance on his war. However, the idea that Russia would bomb its own pipeline is a stretch,

So who bombed the Nord Stream pipeline and why?

Putin has been holding Europe, especially Germany hostage through its gas and oil. While Putin could have bombed the pipelines as a false flag, most likely it is someone else. The West has every reason to sabotage the pipelines in order to take away Russia’s ability to control Europe.

In fact, back in February Biden is seen admitting that destroying Nord Stream 2 will be on the table if Russia invades Ukraine.

If they did it, then the backlash from Russia will be serious.

The world is heading to a new chapter and a far more confusing and potentially violent one. Putin has threatened to use nukes. Now energy infrastructure is being targeted. If Nord Stream can be targeted then America energy infrastructure can be targeted as well.

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