Watch This Powerful Video of When the World Loved the Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

Jews have been persecuted for centuries. In the most recent times, the Nazis tried to eliminate every Jew from the face of the Earth.

When the Jew Finally Got His Homeland Back

Why is it that the world loves when the Jew is beaten and stepped upon? This video is extremely powerful. When the Jewish people finally returned home, they all of a sudden became hated again. Apparently, the Jewish nation doesn’t deserve to live in their ancient, ancestral land. Apparently, the world doesn’t believe in G-d and His gift to the Jews.

Why does every nation have a right to defend itself besides the people of Israel? Why does the Jewish army get scrutinized in a way that no other army in the world does? It is enough. The Jewish people have had enough of the world’s criticism and hatred. It is a hatred that is irrational. When the Jew is being murdered, they seem to have some type of compassion. But when the Jews have their own army and the strength to defend themselves, the world makes that a thing that is not allowed; a thing that is detestable. Why can other nations have an army without being told they are tyrants? That is called antisemitism.

Israel and the Jewish people will continue to defend themselves. They cannot care what the world thinks. They have no choice. Because what the world thinks clearly does not help the Jews. No more apologizing for existing. What other people apologizes for that?

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