Who Is Israel Preparing to Fight?

by Micha Gefen

With all the talk of Iran or Hamas, it is Hezbollah to Israel’s north that, the Jewish nation is most geared up to fight in the next war.

For years both Hezbollah and Israel have prepared for a final doomsday scenario in which Hezbollah will breach the border and fire 100,000 rockets at Israel. Israel will wipe out Southern Lebanon.

Well this scenario appears more likely as Iran talks continue to stall. Iran is planning on using Hezbollah to destroy Israel and Israel is planning on preempting it. With an attack on Iran likely in the coming months, expect a serious attack from Hezbollah against Israel.

This is why Israel continues to balk on attacking Iran – they know their home front will be severely decimated.

In the coming months it may be the beginning of the final war for the Land of Israel. Are you ready?

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