Heroism in NYC After Man Throws Molotov Cocktail into New York Deli

by Leah Rosenberg

This attack is terrifying. A deli in NYC was targeted – but heroes stepped up and acted. They stopped the perpetrator from doing more damage.

Deli in NYC Attacked, Heroes Step up to the Plate

Can you imagine if these men who stepped up to stop the criminal didn’t act? More people could have been injured or killed. Take a look at the heroism of the guy who stopped the man from throwing the second molotov cocktail and the heroism of the two workers who chased after the perpetrator. They all acted with courage.

And this is a crucial point that the world needs to wake up to: When the world allows enemies of Israel to terrorize us without giving Israel the backing needed to stop it, then those terror tactics will come to those countries as well, regardless of the perpetrators. And you have now seen it with your own eyes.

Israel is fighting the world’s fight against terrorism on the front lines. They experience the terror everyday. Things like rock throwing, molotov cocktails, and more are daily occurrences in the Jewish state. It is time the world started to stand up WITH Israel instead of AGAINST Israel. It is time the world started defending the Jewish state and backing it as it fights YOUR fight.

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