While Everyone Focuses On Gaza, Israel’s North Is Slammed By Hezbollah Rockets

by Micha Gefen

Since the beginning of the war with Hamas, Iranian proxy Hezbollah has fired thousands of rockets, mortars, and anti tank guided missiles (ATGMs) at Northern Israel.

While the world is awaiting Hamas’ response to the Egyptian managed Israeli proposal, Israel’s north continues to get bombarded by Hezbollah fired projectiles. This unrelenting assault on Israeli territory has seen an increasing retaliation by the IDF.

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz recently warned the French that a full blown war between Israel and Hezbollah (formerly known as the country of Lebanon) is coming closer.

Katz said: “If Hezbollah does not withdraw, we are approaching an all-out war – in that case, Israel will act against Hezbollah in all of Lebanon and occupy a large area in southern Lebanon to create a security buffer zone that will be controlled by the IDF.”

With the IDF assault on Rafah expected in a manner of days – Israel is closing in on a full scale attack on Hezbollah.

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