Jewish Acapella Band Nails it With “Israel’s Fight Song”

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow. This Jewish acapella band really struck a chord with this song. It is catchy and powerful! You gotta hear it.

Jewish Acapella Band Sings “Israel’s Fight Song”

This song is based on the original song called “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. The Jewish acapella band Rabotai made original lyrics to create this anthem for the Jewish nation.

The Jewish people are a unique people. When tragedy strikes, we don’t shut down. We don’t fall into a depression and sulk in our sorrows. We instead find ways to strengthen ourselves. Many powerful songs have been written since October 7. These songs have uplifted the Jewish nation and have kept us going strong.

It’s amazing what music can do. The tunes and words of a song have a powerful effect on the soul. Music can change our mood. And although music does not make the pain go away, it can help us cope. It can remind us that we have strength and that we have a purpose. It can remind us that we are a united nation no matter where we live, how religious we are, or what we look like. A Jew is a Jew, and every Jewish soul is special and holy.

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