Secret Weapon of IDF Soldiers Revealed in This Stunning Music Video

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the secret weapon of IDF soldiers? Their spirituality. Their Tefillin, or phylacteries. Look at this powerful music video.

The Secret Weapon of IDF Soldiers

We have many things that our enemies don’t have. But the main secret weapon of IDF soldiers is the fact that we are believers in G-d. We keep His commandments. Jewish men wear Tefillin. And Tefillin is protective. Our vicious enemies don’t have that special relationship with G-d like the Jewish people have.

“The title track of Ari Goldwag’s latest album ( ), a duet with Zevi Kaufman, speaks of the secret weapon of our soldiers which is in our spiritual power, as represented by the power of tefillin, which so many soldiers are using in their battle, and our sages say causes the nations to fear us. Zevi brought this concept to Ari and it forms the core of the song. Ari composed the intro section of the song ״בעזרת ה׳ ננצח״ at the request of the soldier Elisha Loewenstern 3 weeks into the war of חרבות ברזל. He asked for a song which would help strengthen the soldiers in their עבודת ה׳ as it manifests in their battle in Gaza. 6 weeks later Elisha Hy’d fell in battle. We decided to connect this theme with the tefillin battle song, and to dedicate the song in Elisha’s memory. Elisha’s son Eitan Loewenstern features in the music video.”

This song is really uplifting and powerful. With G-d’s help, we will win. Listening to this song can give you hope and remind you of the power of Tefillin and relying on G-d.

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