Watch: Bibi Defines Victory in Powerful Speech

by Phil Schneider

The total victory of Israel against Hamas is not one of several acceptable options. It is the only option. If the Gaza threat continues to hold on after this war due to Israel buckling under foreign pressure, the critical turning point will be when Israel stopped at the 80 or 90% of defeating Hamas. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu explained that Israel has destroyed 19 out of 24 organized battalions in Hamas. But there are still around five left, mainly in Rafah. Israel has systematically destroyed one battalion of Hamas after another. But there is still a small Hamas army in place that can reconstitute itself and pose a threat. If Israel finishes the job, they will have turned the Hamas army in Gaza into a non-entity with a few isolated terrorists running around in some undiscovered tunnels. 

Netanyahu says that the concern for Arabs being trapped in Rafah in the middle of the fighting is a fallacious argument and is nothing more than a flimsy excuse. But the critical point is that the people of Israel are more united than ever in destroying the threat once and for all. The goals of the government are clear and Netanyahu doesn’t really have much choice but to implement the will of the people.

This is one of those rare instances when the Jewish people truly are united in ways that are unprecedented in recent history. 

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