When the Jewish people say Never Again, they mean it

by Leah Rosenberg

Never Again is not just a phrase the Jewish people say without meaning. It is more than just two words. It is an attitude. And it is a truth.

Never Again

After the Holocaust, so much of the world promised Never Again. The suffering that the Jewish people endured is unfathomable. 6 million Jewish lives were murdered by one of history’s most vicious men. The world promised Never Again.

But antisemitism is still ever so present. Attacks against Jews across the world is all too common. Except now, we have rebuilt our homeland. The Jews are no longer homeless. And even if the world forgot their promise, the Jewish people did not.

Eagles Over Auschwitz

The Jewish people have kept to their promise of Never Again. The state of Israel protects its people, religion, and culture. The Israel Defense Forces cannot afford to allow another Holocaust. And they have kept their word to defend the Jewish people. Flying Israeli F-15s over Auschwitz is just one proof of Hitler failing. Hitler is gone, and the Jewish people are still here. He tried to murder the entire nation of Israel, but now they have created an even stronger nation. He wanted the Jewish people to be homeless, alone, and disappear from the world, but they have a home and are making their presence known.

So people can boycott Israel. People can protest against the Jewish people. But when the nation of Israel says ‘Never Again,’ that is a promise. And the Jews hold onto promises for thousands of years.

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