A Drone Flew over Auschwitz and Captured Something Incredibly Powerful

by Phil Schneider

Auschwitz was one of several concentration camps and death camps that the Nazis used to destroy the Jewish race. But it has become a symbol of all of the evil that the Nazis brought down into this world. No words can truly capture the horrors of what was perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jewish people in Auschwitz. But this drone video most certainly captured the death camp from many unique angles.

A Massive Death Camp

This powerful drone film does so much with a birds-eye view for the visual visitor. The gates of hell as seen from above provide a unique angle to understand that the latest inventions from mankind can be used to destroy and kill if the moral compass of the world becomes so skewed that mass killings become justified or overlooked.

Very few people survived Auschwitz nor nearly any other death camp. But there were giants of the spirit who succumbed as well as giants of the spirit who somehow survived.


According to the historian Martin Gilbert, more than 1 million Jews were killed in Auschwitz – probably closer to 1.5 million. Nearly all of them came via hellish transports in cattle cars from all over Europe. Most children and elderly (over the age of 40), did not live for more than a few hours after their arrival. A stateless people, as the Jews were in the early 1940’s is defenseless against the evils of mankind. Today, the Jewish people have rebuilt from the ashes and stand on guard via the Israel Defense Forces to save and rescue any Jew in need all over the world.

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