Watch this short story till the end. It will completely shock you.

by Phil Schneider

This life-saving story of terror in Israel is a one-in-a-million story. It is mind boggling to think of the odds of this kind of a thing happening. But, the concepts that lay beneath this story are so common-place that they can be applied daily countless times.

God’s Hand in This World

The existence of One Above that orchestrates life events is not something that can be easily seen. But, after hearing stories such as these, it becomes much easier to feel the existence of a guiding hand from the One Above.

Could stories like this be mere coincidence? Yes, it could be. But it is actually easier to accept that it is not mere coincidence. It is also much more comforting to accept that we are not in charge in this world.


The gift of encouragement and guidance is a cyclical process. Pure giving is perhaps the greatest privilege that we have in this world. What makes a person feel better in this world than giving to their family? What makes a person feel worse in this world than the act of NOT giving? Yes, what we give may indeed come back. But in truth, it comes back in the midst of the giving. Because the very act of giving has such great immediate rewards.

Let this story serve as an inspiration for all of us to do something today and every day to help another person in need.

David Friedman Arugot Farm

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