Bibi threatens Iran: Get out of Syria

by Leah Rosenberg

Bibi is not playing games. He strongly advises Iran to get out of Syria. And fast. Israel will not allow its enemies to harm its state and people.

Bibi’s Advice

Iran should really listen up. Israel does not play games. They have already defended themselves against Iran, and they will continue to do so. So as Bibi has advised, Iran should really get out of Syria. If they stay, Israel will continue to strongly fight back. It is not in Iran’s best interest to stay in Syria. They should just take a look at history and know that Israel is strong and will do whatever it needs to protect itself.

Israel cannot afford to wait things out for too long. If they feel they are being threatened, they will act accordingly. Has the world not realized that yet?

What Iran’s Focus Should Be

Iran should really be focusing on its people. They should be trying to improve the economy and their country. That is what the people want. But instead, they have used all their time, money, and energy on terrorism. They fund terrorism. They promote terrorism. And they stand for terrorism. The people have protested. They want a new leader. But the terrorist regime of Iran sadly does not care what the people want. The only thing the regime wants is the destruction of Israel, America, and all freedom.

A country that is so focused on terrorism and not on improving things for the people is bound to fail.

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