Snowing at the Western Wall of the Holy Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

What a beautiful sight to see, snow falling down on the Holy places in the holyland! We are blessed with this holy snow.

Snowstorms in the Holyland

How often do we see snow falling on the Temple Mount? Not often at all. On average we see a major snowstorm on the high elevated hills of Israel once every 7 years. High elevated areas include Jerusalem, some of the mountaintops in the Judean Hills, like Gush Etzion and Hebron, some areas in Samaria and the Hermon. A number of years ago a snowstorm even fell on some of the lower areas of the country, including parts of the Northern Negev desert. Now that was a sight to see!

Since snowstorms are so rare, it is no surprise that everything shuts down even before the storms begin.

Snowball Fight in the Judean Hills

What a joy! It was 11PM at night, and yet we went out to enjoy the beautiful snowfall with our children. Why? Because it hardly snows here. Only once every few years. The last snow in the Judean Hills was 4 years ago. So when it snows, we go out and enjoy! Even if it is 11PM at night. It might be all gone by the morning, so we did not take any chances.
David Friedman Arugot Farm

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