When Liberals support the Palestinian Authority, they are really supporting THIS

by Leah Rosenberg

Liberals want the Palestinian Arabs to have their own state, but do they understand what it means when they support the blood-thirsty Palestinian Authority?

Liberals Who Support the PA

The Palestinian Authority, or the PA, is lead by the Fatah Party and Mahmoud Abbas. There are some things you should know about Abbas. He wants to destroy Israel. So much so, that he does not even care about making a better future for his own people. So much so, that he punished those who joined the Bahrain peace workshop and who hoped to make a step toward peace with Israel. Abbas tortures his own people. He has ruined any economic prosperity for the Palestinian Arabs. And that is what Liberals are supporting, whether they realize it or not. They may want to be supporting a better life for the Palestinian Arabs, but they better wake up to reality and realize that will never happen by supporting Mahmoud Abbas.

Not Israel’s Fault, Nor America’s

It is not Israel’s fault nor America’s fault that things are falling apart for the Palestinian Arab people. It is the fault of the Palestinian Arab leadership. Hamas and the PA do not allow free speech. They do not allow working toward a better relationship with Israel. And they use all the money they have to sponsor terrorism and pay murderers for killing innocent Israelis.

So, if Liberals want to support the PA, they should know that they are supporting murder. They are supporting no free speech. And they are supporting things like the arrest of Saleh Abu Mayala, a businessman from Hebron who went to Bahrain to see how to make his own people prosper and live side by side with the Jewish state. If the Liberals really want to see the Palestinian Arabs have a better future, they should start supporting Israel’s and America’s efforts to bring that about.

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